Educate Your Children on Principles of Liberty, with The Tuttle Twins Lockdown Sale! It’s Back!

So I got to go to the public library today, and test out its curbside service, which launched yesterday. The holds I put on some springtime and Easter books way back in early March finally came through. I got to pick them up all bagged and checked out, waiting for me, outside the library doors. This is the first time I’ve been able to get books from the public library in two months! Yay!  I’m so glad the library leadership figured out how to do curbside service, which some libraries have been doing from the beginning of this crazy time. My sister in Maine said hers in Maine offered this service at the start of the pandemic. Do all great ideas start in the East and move west?

In the meantime, we’ve been reading all the Tuttle Twins books, as well as books I get digitally from these two sources over here.

How’s it going in your neck of the woods with easing up on restrictions due to COVID-19?

Now more than ever it’s important to read about principles of liberty! We need to educate ourselves on what was Constitutional during this time, and what wasn’t, so we can stand up to any future abuses. The Constitution sets forth a government that is based on protecting individual’s liberties. What exactly are principles of liberty? You can start learning about them by getting the Tuttle Twins books by Connor Boyack, president of Libertas of Utah.

Get over 75% off the Tuttle Twins books today!

Several weeks ago Connor launched a “lockdown” sale that took off like wildfire.

And sadly, much of the country remains on lockdown even to this day.

So he’s re-opening the sale for those families looking to get some amazing educational material to keep the kids busy and have some awesome family conversations together.

Here’s what’s in the bundle:

  • All 11 Tuttle Twins books ($91.49 value)
  • All 11 PDF activity workbooks ($54.89 value)
  • All 11 MP3 audiobooks ($84.49 value)
  • Three ebooks for families to study together:
    1. 13 Questions to Level-Up Your Family Dinner Conversations
    2. Subtle Ways Your Kids are Taught to Embrace Socialism
    3. 10 Tips for Raising an Entrepreneur
  • And a PDF copy of my book for parentsPassion-Driven Education: How to Use Your Child’s Interests to Ignite a Lifelong Love of Learning  ($14.99 value)

That’s over $245 in value for only $60!!!

Go here to order your bundle today! Do it today, because this deal will expire soon!

I highly recommend these books! I read them aloud to the kiddos the past two months and loved them. They make principles of liberty easy to understand and they always refer you to a scholarly book at the end that helps anyone go deeper.

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