Spring into Healing the Body: Dealing With Flu, Cavities, and Gut Problems

It’s spring! It’s a time for new beginnings and that includes healing! We’ve had the blossoms pop out on our neighbor’s apricot tree. That’s something I missed when we lived in AZ, seeing the “popcorn” on trees. I love the new growth of spring! This new growth is such a promise for hope in all areas of life.

I also love the growth that comes from healing. I’ve been healed from my insomnia recently, thanks to homeopathy. Here’s my story. I am just loving healing and learning about homeopathy! I love the video below with homeschooling mom Paola Brown. Paola is the creator of the family-based homeopathy curriculum, Teach Me Health and Homeopathy. I’m so excited about teaching it! You can watch the video below with Paola telling her story behind the curriculum.

If her story inspires you to think about taking the class, go here to read more and get the link to register. Classes start online next week, April 6 or 8, depending on if you want Tuesday or Thursday, in my Zoom room! This is for ages 6-96, for moms and children to take together. But you don’t have to have kids to take it. If you are holistically-minded, this is the health and wellness curriculum you’ve always wanted!

If you want more healing information from Paola you can go to her site here. You can get the following classes for FREE. Just click on each one to put in your cart:

Flu Season: Let’s Get Ready!

Colostrum & Cavities: Paola’s Story

Colostrum for Gut Health

Then check out by creating your own account, and “purchase” the classes for free. To watch and learn from each one, just go to the top of the website (if you are logged in with your account) and click on “My Classes” and start learning!

If this all resonates with you, please come take the Teach Me Health and Homeopathy Class with me next week. Go here to learn more and register!

*Full Disclosure Note: In these classes, Paola promotes a product called Anovite Colostrum 6. I have no financial affiliation with that company. I do receive compensation if you register for the Teach Me Health and Homeopathy Class.

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