Why Am I Teaching This Family-based Homeopathy Class?

A friend asked me why I decided to teach this class, called Teach Me Health and Homeopathy.

Here’s my story behind that.

I have had several magical experiences with homeopathy (HP). You can read about my time using HP to heal my flu here, then using HP with bed bug bites here, and then using it after my attack by the seemingly killer AZ cactus here. Ever since experiencing all those wondrously timely and powerful healings of acute cases, I’ve been wanting to teach my children homeopathy. So when I saw Paola’s course available, I was intrigued. Here are two reasons why I fell in love with her curriculum.

  1. When I saw this video above (click on the link to watch in Vimeo) by the curriculum creator, Paola, it so resonated with me. Especially the part where she gives an analogy. She says that HP gives the body instructions to get to the root of the problem and uproot it. It does this by showing the body something that generates “like” symptoms. Her analogy is about teaching her little boys to be quiet so they wouldn’t wake up their sleeping baby sister. They didn’t understand that instruction until she gave them an analogy by telling them to “be quiet, like a mouse.” Ahh, then they understood. So Paola says our bodies are the same way, they need an example to follow to understand the instruction. So HP gives the example with something that generates like symptoms. It’s just so fascinating to me! I sensed Paola’s gift for teaching and making complicated things simple, which is what I need. She definitely has a gift and passion for teaching. I just love her gifts!

Here’s a video interview with Paola from the Weston A. Price Wise Traditions podcast below, so you can hear her story. It’s so amazing that HP healed her from a few chronic autoimmune conditions. If she had opted for one of the drugs that her medical doctor had prescribed, she could be involved in a class action lawsuit today against the drugmaker for the drug’s side effect of blindness!

2. I read the introduction to Paola’s Teacher’s Guide to the course. In it she shares her dismay that some children of amazing, rock star homeopaths she knows have not gone on to follow their parents’ choices. She asked these rock star healers if their children don’t just kiss the ground they walk on for preserving their health with HP. Amazingly, these homeopaths said no. They said that their children don’t. One said that his/her adult child just did a round of antibiotics instead of HP. That made me realize, “Oh, I may have a passion for HP, but if my children don’t understand why it works, or learn critical thinking skills as related to questioning the tactics of Big Pharma, they may not catch my passion and vision of HP, even if it works on them. They may not choose HP for themselves once out of the nest unless they get educated now.” Now is the time for me to teach them and not assume they will learn by osmosis.

Do you want to sample Paola’s curriculum for free? You can do so here.

Come take the class on Zoom starting April 6 or April 8! Go here to learn more!

If you are ready to register, go here for the Tuesday class and here for the Thursday class.

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