The Christian Roots of the Founding Fathers and How to Teach Our Children Christianity

I’ve been sooooo enjoying my month-long celebration of Independence Day. I’ve read the above picture books to my son, among others. We also just finished the chapter book at the top of this post about Washington’s as spymaster, plus picture books about the Culper spy ring. You can see my complete list of USA patriotic picture books here.

As I’ve driven the car to do my errands and road trips to meet up with my daughter and my two grandbabies, while they have been visiting from out of state, I’ve listened to the following book on CD by Timothy Ballard. I’m almost done! It’s so fascinating. It helps explain why, when I went to Valley Forge two years ago, the monument to George Washington there had Masonic symbols on it. See the pictures below the book cover image.


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Then there’s this video below I enjoyed that correlates with what Tim Ballard shares. We in the United States have been blessed with so much. What are doing about this inspiring heritage? What legacy will we leave our children? I pray that we will each gain a testimony of God, of Jesus Christ, and of the power of God’s intervention in history and in our own lives, of the power of covenant based living. I suggest you start with reading the Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ and getting a witness from God that it is truth. I pray we will labor to share these truths with our children and our neighbors. It starts in the home. See the video at the very bottom with Jessa Duggar Seewald sharing how to help your children learn about God, even if they are younger than 6, like Jessa’s are.

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