What is the Priesthood?

I super love this podcast interview (and YouTube video) that Hank Smith and John Bytheway did with Dr. Barbara Gardner. I love that she explains that priesthood power is not just held by men. Yes, worthy men are ordained to hold keys of the priesthood, which open doors, but priesthood power, the power of God the Father, and God Jesus Christ, is shared by righteous men and women. It is the godly power involved in nurturing humans so that they can return to live with Heavenly Father. She refers to Elder Dallin H. Oaks’ remark that we should not call men “the priesthood.” in part 2, she says we demean the priesthood when we refer to the power as a person. I also love that she says that girls and women should have overnight camps to celebrate the restoration of the priesthood.

Shownotes are here. These statements from Dr. Gardner are so illuminating!

Courtesy of YouTube, here are the different elements of the interview, with their timestamps, for Part 1. Below that is part 2, with the same. In part 2’s timestamps, I added some of my own parenthetical notes.

00:00 Welcome to follow HIM with Hank Smith and John Bytheway

01:11 Background of Dr. Barbara Morgan Gardner

03:39 Background of Doctrine and Covenants, Section 84 (actually three revelations put together)

06:48 Additional D&C sections that help understand Section 84

09:17 There aren’t two priesthoods but one

11:39 Where Saints confuse patriarchal and family structures in regards to priesthood authority

19:27 Mention of Ezra Taft Benson’s talk, “What I Hope You Teach Your Children and Grandchildren About the Temple”

23:34 What men and women can learn about priesthood privileges from Section 84: 19-22 27:07 The establishment of the Relief Society prepares the Saints for the temple ordinances, which are essential for the Restoration of the Priesthood

31:47 Should the sections about the Priesthood be taught in Relief Society and the Young Women auxiliaries?

37:14 What does presiding and nurturing mean?

42:24 The Lord is accelerating revealing eternal truth, which includes focus on learning in the home (for individuals and families)

45:49 Discussion regarding helping families lead and draw closer to Jesus Christ in the home 50:29 Dr. Gardner shares personal story of understanding why so many men died at Martin’s Cove

54:44 Why women can also have a Priesthood Commemoration camping trip with sons and daughters

57:41 Who should preside at Church events and in the home

1:01:02 Why the Lord teaches us line upon line 1:04:02 End of Part I

00:07 Adam and Eve and the Fall

01:57 What does God want? God wants us to be like Him

03:55 Males are not the Priesthood (and why does it matter that we don’t call men “the priesthood”)

7:07 The Oath and Covenant is for men and women

09:33 Memorizing the Oath and Covenant helps understand the temple covenants

13:13 God’s promises are to all, regardless of gender and women have right to revelation and power as men

17:16 Obtain versus ordain

20:16 The possibility that breaking covenants is the cessation of repentance

23:15 Light comes from obedience

24:54 Oliver Cowdery records this remarkable revelation

30:26 Dr. Gardner shares personal story about the spirit of the Doctrine and Covenants

33:05 President Benson and President Nelson focus on The Book of Mormon because it exposes the tactics of the Adversary

36:39 At baptism we are willing to take His name upon us. We take His name upon us in the temple

37:44 Women and healing blessings in the past and present

42:28 God will give everyone a chance to hear the Gospel and when should missionaries or members move on

45:00 Dr. Gardner shares personal story about teaching woman who had been taught by multiple sets of missionaries

48:00 Dr. Gardner’s mentor lifted her daily with writing expertise and lifting “the hands that hang down”

52:03 Dr. Gardner shares her feelings about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Savior, and priesthood power

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