8/4/21 Tree of Life Mama’s Picture Book of the Week: Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

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I’ve been on somewhat of a summer hiatus, not reviewing books or games regularly, because I’ve had lots of summer activities, including family visits and outings. I’m back with this picture book review! This is such a delightful book! I discovered it two years ago because my sister, the illustrator, gifted it to my mom for her birthday. She adores it that much. The story is a simple story about change, both change that comes to a lighthouse and change that comes to a family. I love the beautiful watercolor and ink illustrations. They are so beckoning. Combined with the text, they will make you feel like you are right at the seashore, smelling the damp, salty air walking over the rocky beaches, and hearing the call of the seagulls. You will feel the mysterious danger of the ocean. Then when you see in the story how useful a lighthouse is with its heroic human lighthouse keepers, a husband and wife who work as a team, you will cheer. I applaud the subtle message of husband and wife partnership.

As usual for me, I especially love the “back matter” that appears at the end. It fills in some unanswered questions for the adult reader, and any child able and desirous to know. It’s a Caldecott Medal Winner! We’re using it to fill in the “Award-Winning” book requirement on this reading challenge that I gave to my kiddos in May. This is definitely a classic book to keep on your bookshelf and read over and over to your littles.

Here’s a fun tangential fact: the author/illustrator of this book illustrated a book about the bear that became the inspiration for the real Winnie the Pooh, seen below.

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Want more picture book recommendations? Go here. Happy reading and snuggling!

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