Free Online Conference on Raising Free Range Kids This Weekend Feb. 25-27 2022!

In addition to the online curriculum showcase conference this weekend, there’s another online conference, about raising free range kids. It aims to answer the following questions (copied and pasted from the website):

Why are our children more sick, unfocused and depressed than any generation before them?

Is a shift in childhood education happening, what will it look like?

Why are more people homeschooling and unschooling than ever, and could it work for a busy family?

What is authoritarian parenting and schooling, and how will it hurt my child in their adult life?

If discipline doesn’t feel right, what is the alternative?
How can we reverse autism and chronic disease and what role do vaccines really play?

If you believe our children need us now more than ever, knowing the answers to these questions, please come to this conference. Go here to learn more and save your seat. Hilda Labrada Gore, of the Wise Traditions Podcast, and Robin Shirley, of Take Back Your Health, are the hosts.

Most importantly, “How can we step up to our calling and raise the next generation of resilient, grounded, purposeful and healthy children?

Here’s what Joel Salatin said of the event: “You couldn’t be more right – more right in timing, more right in concept and right in vision. So we applaud you and we congratulate you and we thank you for leading in this space.

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