Countdown to RootsTech 2022 Story #4: Rebecca from Team Black of Relative Race Season 3

Photo Credit: YouTube

Today’s story, as I count down to RootsTech, held next week (go here for more info on RootsTech) is the story of Rebecca. She’s from Team Black of Season 3 of Relative Race.

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I’m doing this in honor of tomorrow’s premiere of Season 9, at at 6 PM, MST. Go here to watch.

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Rebecca’s story is incredible! Go here, and scroll down to “Season 3” to watch it unfold. It involves murder, heartbreak, accidental death, adoption, love, finding lost relatives, and forgiveness. It’s incredible!

Then there’s the story after the story. Watch the first video below for that. It’s Rebecca telling what happened after the show, involving divorce and a move. Then there’s the story behind the story. The bottom two videos feature Dan Debenham, the producer, telling us the back story of how he does the show. You can read here why I love the show so much and when/how I watch it. Happy family tree time to all of you as you discover your roots and cheer others on while they find theirs!

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