Countdown to RootsTech 2022 Story #5: “The Parents You Have Not Known”

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Three more days until RootsTech 2022! Yay! (If you don’t know what RootsTech is, learn about it here.) Plus, March starts tomorrow! Yippee!! I love March because it brings spring. I also love it for St. Patty’s day, and its focus on Irish roots, which I expand to focusing on all ethnicities and all roots. You’ll see that theme appear in the March section of my Family Devotionals ebook over here. I list links to many family history stories under the March heading.

Speaking of roots, who watched Relative Race Season 9 premiere yesterday? (Relative Race is a show where people are always looking for roots, so I’m mentioning it again, after blogging about it on Saturday.) I love the new type of challenge the episode showed. As usual, I cried when people find long-lost family. It’s just so touching!

OK, so today’s “connect to your roots” story as we countdown to RootsTech is called “The Parents You Never Knew” by JuLee Dunnaway. In this story, a young woman who was adopted in the U.S. after being born in Korea searches for her roots. She joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at age 14. Wondering what to do after she graduated from high school, she asked for and received her patriarchal blessing. In her blessing she was told that:

“You will have the great privilege of performing work for and in behalf of your family, the parents you have not known. If you will search for your family records, help will come from on high; the heavens will respond to your prayers if you fast and pray and if you will be faithful in giving of your time and talents.”

Providentially, she was called to serve a mission in Korea. This allowed her to search out her roots, after she had been wondering how the above prophecy would come true. She wrote, “I knew I needed to do my genealogy work, but I couldn’t understand the part about ‘the parents you have not known.’ I had no idea who my natural parents were or how to find out. As far as I knew, I was an orphan when I was adopted.”

So what happened when she went to Korea? You will have to read the rest of the story here to find out! If you love family history stories, which I assume you do if you have read this far, then you will love it!

Want more family history stories? Read the following:

“Briefcase from the Dump”

-Rebecca’s stories, during and after Relative Race, plus the story behind Relative Race by Dan Debenham

-President Nelson’s story written by his grandfather, A.C. Nelson

“The Ten Generation Phone Call”

-plus a boatload more in my Celestial Family Devotionals Ebook over here, in the March section. They will warm your heart!

Happy family tree time to you all!

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