More Backstory Miracles of Relative Race

Image Credit: YouTube Channel of Walter Braun

Hey, here’s another fireside with Dan Debenham of Relative Race! I’m so thrilled about this! Watch below!

I watched this next one below months ago and have been hoping another one would come out.

This time Dan is joined by Rebecca, from the champion Team Black of Season 3. She now works for the production company of RR. This is so awesome! Use the timestamps below to watch the first video above if you want to skip the congregation noise at the beginning. I love that the missionary sisters’ musical number is the lovely song “Gethsemane” by Melanie Hoffman. (Go here if you want to learn more about that song.)

8:25 Opening Remarks

13:52 Intro for Dan

19:00 Sisters Musical Number

22:10 Dan Debenham

58:39 Intro for Rebecca

1:03:15 Rebecca Dalton

1:15:14 Questions and Answers

1:56:49 Closing Remarks

If you watch it you will learn some juicy secrets about the show. Enjoy! If you want to know why I love the show so much, go here. Watching this show, specifically the moment the person meets a long-lost relative, is one of the fastest ways someone can feel the Holy Spirit.

Then here’s another fireside with Team Black of Season 6, Jen and J.D. Barnes. It’s so good! You will learn even more juicy secrets about the show. They are such a cute couple! Jen is such a supportive wife and J.D. is like a cute teddy bear. He must make an amazing lacrosse coach. His story is so fascinating. When he finds out he has a sister as he meets her, I just teared up. Jen and J.D. are probably my all-time favorite team from the show, because they are about my age and I relate to them the most because J.D. has roots in Nephi, Utah like I do. When he met his aunt Linda I thought wow, she reminds me of my aunts who grew up in Nephi, LOL. It’s funny how people sometimes remind you of other people from the same place.

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