Fall 2022 Harvest of Heroes Story #1: Geoffroy Koussemou

It finally feels like fall is here! We had a storm last weekend to bring in lots of rain and a little snow. Since then, it finally feels cold enough to wear a jacket. I got my garden all harvested before the storm hit. In addition to that bounty, my son and I have been picking apples from the neighbors’ tree. He’s been using the “apple slinky maker” to slice them up, then putting the slices in our food dehydrator.

I love fall with all the bright colored leaves and the smell of fire in my neighbors’ fireplaces. I love the feeling of harvesting and preparing for winter. I love to focus on heroes as we face Halloween. I learned from a friend to call it Heroween. I’d rather focus on heroes of history and dressing up like heroes instead of focusing on terror, blood, and gore.

To celebrate Heroween, my version of Halloween, I’m going to highlight a hero hopefully every day for the next week or so, even after Halloween/Heroween is over. I’m always one for stretching holidays out, even the official holiday day is over. Then I will share stories about gratitude for Thanksgiving.

If you want to know more about Heroween, go here. If you want to read more of my thoughts about Halloween, go here and here.

Now on to today’s hero!

Today’s story is about Geoffroy Koussemou. You can read his story here. He grew up in Benin, a country in west Africa. His wonderful story shows faith in God, determination, service and testimony. I just love it!

If you want more stories of heroes, go get my free Family Devotionals Ebook here, then head to the October section to read hero stories. I also love to read hero stories in the form of picture book biographies. Go here to get a list of those.

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