Out of the Best Books: Classics We Enjoyed October 2019


We started this one in June, in scribd, on audio, and finally finished. Delightful, but I must say, my mind kept wandering. My 13 year old loves it the most. I plan on finishing the series. Great for building kids’ vocabulary.


For Mastering Knighthood, my 10 year old boy’s love of learning club at our Commonwealth (homeschool co-op).



This one is a fall tradition for me. So fun!

So I don’t agree with everything in this book, because of the Universal Model, below, but the illustrations are gorgeous.


Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons

This one is soooo charming! Ms. Rosenthal is one my favorite picture book authors.


The Matchbox Diary

OK, this one has got to be one of the greatest grandpa picture books ever. By the son of the famous writer Sid Fleischman, Paul Fleischman.


This one is now a fall tradition as well. It has a wondrous photo of people using hollowed out giant pumpkin shells as canoes. Amazing!


My boys loves Nathan Hale books. They are definite treasures! I plan on getting the whole series to own. Here is more about why these books are so great, especially for boys.

Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood (A World War I Tale) (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales Book 4) by [Hale, Nathan]


Raid of No Return (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #7): A World War II Tale of the Doolittle Raid by [Hale, Nathan]



The Phantom Tollbooth

For my two scholars’ Pyramid class. My sis-in-law hates the book. I haven’t read it so can’t say, but I probably wouldn’t like it.

For my family’s All Saints’ Day/Heroween celebration. I listened on the Gospel Library App. It’s so fascinating.


For my two scholars’ Georgics class. I will take any excuse to listen to this book. We listened every morning on the way to Commonwealth. It takes me back to my teen years in the 80s. I found even more beautiful phrases than I even remembering it having!

I have fallen in love with Lois Lowry after reading Strawberry Girl. I’m delighted to find her whole series of old-fashioned children growing up in different regions in America. Go here to learn more.

We finally finished the above one which we started last school year.


Uncle Tom's Cabin

For my Sword Class, a LEMI Scholar Project on the War of Northern Aggression. It’s so sad that the name “Uncle Tom” has come to be negative. Uncle Tom is one of the most beautiful, Christian characters in all of literature. I definitely felt the Holy Spirit while reading this book.

For my Commonwealth (homeschool co-op) parents’ book club. Chockful of parenting and mentoring gems. But sometimes I needed a break from it. It’s like eating sweetened raw whipped cream from grass-fed cows, so nutrient-dense, I just can’t keep consuming it!


The Swiss Family Robinson by [Wyss, Johann David]


This is for my two scholar teens’ Georgics class. I remember reading it aloud years ago to the older kids. It’s one of those books that you know is good but after you get into it, you wonder when it’s going to be over. It keeps going on and on…


Universal Model A New Millennial Science Volume 1

The next few are with my husband and children for family devotional each morning:




Image result for new testament lds cover image


Ok the rest were just for me, just for fun:



This one was for my moms’ class at my Commonwealth, by my friend Audrey. You can get it here. It’s sooo good!


Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog by [Stein, Garth]

For my book club. I started the regular version on scribd in audio format. The language– ugh! Get the young readers’ version so you can get the great tale of heroic fatherhood without all the dirty language and the attempted extramarital affair.


This is brand new. I’m listening on Audible. A welcome respite when all my other reading/listening got too heavy. Or when I was struggling to dejunk my schoolroom and just couldn’t take any more of Little Men.


The Forgotten Garden: A Novel by [Morton, Kate]

For my online book club. I’m struggling with it. The plot is so long and complicated. Still working on it.

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