#abookandagameaday, Tues. 3/3/20


I love the above book because of the fun cheery illustrations that give a nod to illustrator Jan Brett’s trick of putting a hint of what’s going to happen on the next page with a small image. So engaging!


We are also listening to Miracles on Maple Hill. The perfect story for this time of year, because it’s about winter giving way to spring. We do a chapter a day. The YouTube version cuts out at the end of Chapter 5. So now we are listening in Scribd. Sign up with my affiliate link and you can get two months free.




For our game, we played Therapy, my wonderful thrifting treasure that I found last month in Utah for only $1.50 after getting nostalgia and thrifting envy over it. (You can read the backstory about that here.) The metagame involved did not go over well. The “metagame” is the game behind the game, involving the players’ personalities. We had too much drama with that today with trickery, lying and irritation, so…yeah, we probably won’t play it again among this homeschool group of mine. I’ll save it for playing with my big kids who are out of the nest and other adults. I found out it has an updated version here. I highly recommend it for kids who appreciate psychology and won’t argue about the answers or try to trick the other players. (One more thing…if you do get this game, you might want to screen all the cards first and take out certain cards so the game is G-rated and not PG-13.)

Disclosure: I do get a free month of Scribd if you sign up with my affiliate link.

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