The Book of Mormon Has 100+ Names for Jesus Christ

Susan Easton Black, in the video above, was the wife of the bishop of my ward (church congregation) when I was first married. I’m sure she doesn’t remember me at all but I remember her warmth, wisdom, and grace. I love the videos of her above and below. I’ve blogged about her before here.

I definitely felt the Holy Spirit as I watched the video above, especially when she tells of the Book of Mormon having at least 100 names for our Savior Jesus Christ.

Every Christmas, I love to read stories about people’s favorite Christmases, when they felt the hand of God in their life. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this darling story about a Christmas involving Susan and her children. You can read it here.

In the video below she tells her story of strengthening faith in Jesus Christ as a saint and a scholar. I hope you catch even a fraction of her passion for the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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