Did You Know Homeopathy Can Help With Jellyfish Stings, Chipped Teeth, and Chemical Sensitivities?

It’s snowy today. Snow always makes me reflective. It also makes me want to stay indoors and study. So that’s what I’m doing today as I prepare for my Gateway 1 Homeopathy Class. I’ve been reminiscing as well today a lot about how I raised my older children and what I wish I had done differently. More than half of my children are grown. Out of my seven children, four are out of the nest. That time went by in a blink. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and treat their aches and pains with homeopathy (HP). I had heard about it in college in one of my classes but it was so new to me that I put it on a mental shelf. Then when I started having home births, my midwife would give me some HP remedies, but I didn’t use HP outside of birth. I didn’t realize how potent and efficient homeopathy was, and that it could address a gamut of health challenges with all of my children.

I do feel blessed that I didn’t use many pharmaceuticals with my children. I only used antibiotics once, before I knew better, and said no to artificial interventions. But homeopathy would have taken us to the next level. All my children are in great health today. One son, however, has food allergies that didn’t start until he was about 12. In thinking about it lately I’ve wondered if these food allergies are reactions to a tetanus vaccination he got around that time. (I’m encouraged by hearing some food allergies being reversed with HP. That’s another post for another day.)

I didn’t really embrace using HP until I moved to AZ after the three oldest children had flown the coop, because I had a close homeschooling friend talk about Joette Calabrese, a professional homeopath.

I listened to this podcast today, sponsored by Joette. I love that it involves a mom with tons of stories about healing her children with HP. Listening to it reminded me again of just how potent and efficient HP is. This mom tells the following stories of using HP:

-for a wasp bite in her child, to calm down the swelling and pain in minutes

-for a jellyfish sting on her child, to relieve the pain, again in minutes

-for a child’s chipped tooth

-for a child’s eye injury

-for ameliorating the inflammation of appendicitis and the resulting pain of recovering from appendectomy

-for her mom’s chemical sensititivities to artificial office smells

I love hearing stories like these! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. May every mom and dad feel empowered to learn and use HP and create his/her own stories of healing with HP.

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