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Solving My Insomnia With Homeopathy and a Different Blanket

I’ve been having insomnia for almost four years now. Great news though! A combination of homeopathy, a nutrition supplement, and a different “blanket” are making the difference. So I’m sharing what is working for me in hopes it will help … Continue reading

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Did You Know Homeopathy Can Help With Jellyfish Stings, Chipped Teeth, and Chemical Sensitivities?

It’s snowy today. Snow always makes me reflective. It also makes me want to stay indoors and study. So that’s what I’m doing today as I prepare for my Gateway 1 Homeopathy Class. I’ve been reminiscing as well today a … Continue reading

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Amazing Stories of Healing With Homeopathy and How to Get Started With It

I started a homeopathy study group! We are studying the course called Gateway I to Homeopathy by Joette Calabrese. Yay! After first learning about practical homeopathy as taught by Joette about three years ago, and then listening to her podcasts … Continue reading

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Nontoxic Elimination of Bed Bugs

I just got back from a three-week vacation to Utah. The vacation was full of reunions and nostalgia and soooo fun! Another piece of nostalgia comes from my memory of coming back last year from Utah after a six week … Continue reading

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