New Movie About Terrain Theory

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If you have followed me for a while you know that I’m super interested in terrain theory vs. germ theory. I call terrain theory the Law of Terrain because it’s not theory any more to me. It’s a law. Here’s where I’ve shared about it. I believe that the health of the body and mind is cultivated, not injected. Just like the health of a garden soil is cultivated, not injected. So that’s why I’m so excited about this new movie/documentary called Terrain the Film.

The video above has the film’s trailer at the beginning, and then it shows a roundtable Zoom discussion with the cast. You’ll hear from big names in the holistic healing world like Sally Fallon, of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Also Tom Cowan MD, Stefan Lanka PhD, a virologist, and Barre Lando MD.

Part 1 was livestreamed last week on Saturday 2/5/22. Part 2 will be livestreamed this coming Saturday 2/12. So sign up here to get access to the free livestream of Part 2. The free access will expire. If you pay to get the download then you can watch both Parts 1 and Part 2 whenever you want.

Here is a description of the movie from its website:

“In 2020 Marcelina Cravat was introduced to the work of Andrew Kaufman M.D. when he was thrust onto a worldwide stage for debunking the mainstream narrative of a viral pandemic by sifting through all of the published documentation that justified a tyrannical worldwide lockdown. As the mandates rolled out Marcelina Cravat sought to satisfy her curiosity and concerns for truthful information and called Dr. Andy out of the blue, who fortunately on that day, picked up his phone. Marcelina, realizing she had a unique talent to present this valuable information to the world, sought to provide a strong outlet.Given the seriousness of the world situation and the public’s misguided perceptions of reality, there was no time to waste. The time was ripe, and quickly very interesting ideas began to take form and TERRAIN was born.

“Making a film was not a hard decision. For the past year and a half, they tackled this together, involving countess hours of dedication and hard work, enlisting the status quo of doctors, scientists, and researchers. The truth must be told for humanity to emerge and reclaim the earth from whence they were born within and without.”

This is an interview, below, that Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD, one of the producers of the documentary, did last year.

FTC Disclosure: the above link is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission if you buy the download of the movie.

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