Great Basic Intro to Homeopathy

I love this simple introduction to homeopathy as family medicine, by Angie Christensen, in the above video. It truly is the healthcare that everyone is looking for. What more can you want from a medicine? It is safe, has no side effects, can get rid of symptoms in seconds, eliminates the root of health problems, and is inexpensive. It is by far the most potent, fastest and cheapest medicine I have ever found, more so than herbs and essential oils, much as I love those.

I have had many homeopathic successes. I rely on “Practical Homeopathy,” as taught by Joette Calabrese. It is simpler and easier to use than Classical Homeopathy. I have learned about this from Joette’s blog, her podcasts, and her Facebook Live sessions, that are every Monday at 6 PM ET. I love Joette’s style and philosophy! She also has a column in the Wise Traditions journal.

I feel so empowered after having many cures using homeopathy. Here are some of them:

-healing from the flu, the worst case I’ve ever had

-healing from the horrible, itchy bits of a bed bug infestation

-healing from an odd skin rash

-healing from the attack of an evil cactus on my wedding anniversary while playing Frisbee golf

I encourage you to learn more about homeopathy and feel empowered too. Joette says the Queen of England never goes anywhere without her homeopathy kit. So come learn about some royal medicine!

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