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A Christ-Centered Easter Celebration Day #3 Tradition: A Testimony Tree

Today’s eyewitnesses accounts of the life of Jesus come from Nicodemus and Joseph. Please watch the video above to hear Emily Freeman and David Butler share about what they did the Savior. What can we do for the Savior? What … Continue reading

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A Christ-centered Easter Celebration Day #2 Tradition

Did you all enjoy yesterday’s suggestion for Day #1 of the Holy Week of finding a tree branch to decorate your home, to remind you of palm fronds and how the Jerusalem people honored Jesus on Palm Sunday? My little … Continue reading

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A Christ-Centered Easter Celebration Day #1 Tradition

Here’s Day #1 of our week before Easter. Every day, David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman of the Don’t Miss This Come, Follow Me YouTube videos are sharing truths from one eyewitness of Jesus the Christ. They also share a … Continue reading

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Abby Johnson: Manna from Heaven for the Pro-Life Movement

Have you heard about the new movie Unplanned? It was released March 29. It’s based on the book of the true story of Abby Johnson. The trailer for the movie is at the very top. Abby went from being the … Continue reading

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Come Follow Me Week #14

For Come Follow Me Study Week #14, I read Matthew 14–15; Mark 6–7; and John 5–6. The story of the miracle of the loaves and fishes is in these scriptures, shown in the video above, and Jesus and Peter walking on water, … Continue reading

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The Trim Healthy Mama Foxy Mama Challenge

So, in my Veggie Gal group we’ve been talking about something we’ve never covered before…how often to have “marital relations.” We’ve been pretty frank over the 20+ years of our dinner/lunch group, talking about enemas and colonics and such, and … Continue reading

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Easy DIY Greek Yogurt Hack- No Testing the Temperature Required!

I discovered a hack for making one of my favorite staple foods,  DIY Greek yogurt. This is the perfect method if you have to be gone all day, or need Greek yogurt in the morning when you wake up, but … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Come Follow Me: Week #13

Ooh, last week’s lesson #13, from Come, Follow Me,  about Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes and walking on water had so many golden nuggets of truth! I will write about one of those golden nuggets here. In Matthew 14:25, … Continue reading

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